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To see how you like tango, try the FREE Tango Class every Friday
7:30 - 8:30 followed by free
practice time.

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Private lessons


FRIDAY November 28th - The Tango Incident Milonga with Visiting DJ Elizabeth Kinney from Washington DC

Registration is now open for the Providence Tango New Year's Celebration!


Musicality and Movement with Mary Oleskeiwicz

Mary Oloskiewicz with Bandoneon Special Fall Class Series
1:00-3:00pm on
October 25,
November 15, and
December 6.



Providence Tango Couple

8 week beginner series

NEW Class series begins on January 5th

Mondays 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM



Monday at 7:00pm
Special Instructor Guided Practica

Steven and Robin will guide this practica and will dance with all attendees at least once, providing a “mini” private lesson. $10 per person

Monday at 8:00pm
Continuing Basics Class

We will cover the essential vocabulary and take a look at the techniques needed in depth. There will be material for all levels to master. Come to this class to either learn these building blocks of great tango for the first time, or come to refine your tango with detailed instruction to make your dancing smooth, clear and enjoyable.



Volunteers Needed: Its time to start planning the New Year's Eve events, so we are looking for volunteers for both the planning of the events and working at the events. If you are interested in volunteering please email


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7:00 - 8:00 Special Instructor Guided Practica
8:00 - 9:30 Continuing Basics


7:30-8:30 Free Introductory Lesson
8:30-9:00 Practica (Free with Into Lesson)
9:00-1:00 The Tango Incident Milonga

This Month

November 28th - The Tango Incident Milonga with Visiting DJ Elizabeth Kinney

Guest Instructors and DJs 2014

December 6th - Musicality and Movement with Mary Oleskeiwicz
December 19th - Class and Visiting DJ Burak Özkösem from Montreal

December 26th - Visiting DJ Peter Zion from Montreal
December 31st - The Providence Tango New Year's Celebration



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Argentine Tango Fundamentals

The next new beginner series starts July 7th
Register now!

Learn Tango in a fun and friendly atmosphere with our Tango Fundamentals beginner series focusing on the essentials and basics of Tango. No partner or experience nessesary.

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