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our story

Providence Tango started in about the year 2000 when the original founder Ellen, purchased a factory building and turned it into a dance studio with condos on top of the studio. In 2013 Ellen sold the building and the business changed hands to Steven Spura. Steven ran the business of Providence Tango in the Pawtucket Armory and in 2016 he invited Adam Cornett and Tilly Kimm to take over the studio. In 2017 Adam and Tilly ran Providence Tango combined with Brown University tango club for a year.  In 2017 Providence Tango moved to the Mediator Stage in Providence for weekly events and classes.

The latest chapter in our evolution is that starting in 2018 Providence Tango is run by the local tango community consisting of Sue Davis, Denise  Braum, and Steven Spura.  We continue the long tradition of having classes and regular events at the Mediator Stage  and various community locations.