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Providence Tango
Kristian and Angeles
Discount Private Lesson Co-Op

Kristian and Angeles are available on Friday afternoons for one hour private lessons from 3pm to 7pm.  These classes normally cost $100 per hour.

Through this promotion save 15% and give yourself a private lesson gift with either Kristian or Angeles for $85 per hour.
Please read on.

The Deal

Providence Tango Discount Private Lesson sessions are available through a cooperative bulk purchase program.
As a group of individual buyers, we get a big discount on Private Lessons from Kristian and Angeles each time there are a total of 10 lessons purchased.
See details below in the “How it Works” section.

The Joy of a Private

Private lessons are a special treat in your tango journey.  Not just another class, it is a personal experience that focuses on you and zeros in our what you need now.  Appropriate at all levels, these lessons allow the teachers and you to focus on your specific needs, and what will take your dancing to the next step.

How it works

Providence Tango Discount Private Lesson sessions are available through a cooperative bulk purchase program.  Individual discount lesson purchases are made and grouped together with other people’s lesson purchases on a first come, first serve basis.  When a multiple of 10 lessons is reached, those lessons purchased in that multiple (block) become active and the buyers will be notified how to book their private lesson(s).  Individual purchases do not guarantee the right to schedule a Private Lesson under this program.

This program will remain available until cancelled, in other words we will offer it as long as Kristian and Angeles agree to the terms or Providence Tango decides to end it.

Lesson purchases that are in a block that does not reach a multiple of 10 by the program purchase end date will be refunded to the purchaser(s) at the end of this buying period.

All Private Lessons under this purchase plan must be booked and completed within 6 months of the activation date.  If not used by that date the lessons will be forfeit.

Cancellations and/or Re-schedules should be made at least 48 hours in advance of any previously scheduled private class, if not the student will lose his/her ticket.  Each student will be given a copy of Kristian and Angeles’ private lesson policies, which needs to be brought to the first lesson.

Lessons must be scheduled directly with Kristian and/or Angeles and availability is subject to their schedule.  (Note that the instructors occasionally travel and are not always available.)

Providence Tango reserves the right to limit the number of available coupons and may end the promotion at any time, or limit the number of coupons sold for a period of time.  This limit has not been determined and the decision will be at the sole discretion of Providence Tango.  This would be done so that the number of coupons would not exceed a reasonable quantity of time slots in the useful valid period for those coupons.

Purchase as many $85 private lesson coupons as you wish as long as they are available.

If paying by Credit Card, there is a 3% service fee which PayPal charges us when Credit Cards are used.  To avoid this additional charge, payment can be made by Check, Cash or direct funds transfer by PayPal.  See Steven if you have any questions.

Use this Button if you are paying by Credit Card.  A 3% processing fee is included in the price.

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Use this button if you are paying by PayPal transferring funds directly.

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Use this Button if you will be paying by Check or Cash.
Note that a $1.00 charge is to get PayPal to process this order.  It will be refunded, once check or cash is delivered.
Providence Tango will attempt to keep your place in the order of purchases as long as payment is received within 7 days.
Please provide Payment to Steven or Denise.
Checks should be made out to “Cash”.

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